Are these forums wanted?

Do we want to keep these forums or delete them for something else?

I want to gauge if there’s actual interest in having this active or if people just didn’t want the forums after all.

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do you mean this forum site in general or the specific forums?
i really wouldn’t want the whole thing to go away, i wish it was more active and maybe some channels could be deleted and others could be added

if running it is taking up too many resources compared to who uses it i would understand if you wanted to delete it though

The whole thing. It’s not that it’s taking up resources, but it is sitting there eating money when not being used.

What would you delete or add?

i’m not really sure
honestly i think if it is costing money to run it and no one is using it enough maybe you should delete it, i’m kind of disappointed because it was a good idea but i don’t use it that much either
and it would be fair if someone wanted it to stay up that badly to be asked to help pay for it or something and that might motivate more use

Well ideally I’d like to get people using it and brainstorm ideas to make that happen.

I did put a lot of effort into this place and don’t wanna just dump that down the drain to go the way of Missqordia.

I think fedi makes me addicted to very shallow frequent posting but I don’t really even think that’s good for me because I would be a lot happier to have longer discourse and to have it carry on over days or weeks instead of just having what fedi brings.

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i miss having real in-depth conversations too
i wonder if an infodumping channel would bring this forum back to life

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What would that channel look like? I could make it, I’m not sure what that means tho

oh it’s an autistic thing, like basically going on a rant about something you are really interested in


it would also work to just have channels for different topics of interest though, like how i suggested one for plants a while ago

Would it be better for you to create a plants topic on the general forum, or does it need it’s own category?

this forum seems fun but ultimately it’s your decision to keep it up or not :0


Feel free to use them! They just need some love

i liek this forum tbh


I like these forums but I sadly remain very shy here :akkommpf: , I hope to be more active


i don’t know, i can see how adding too many categories would be overwhelming, the topic is fine, it’s just that it is only one thread, sorry i was confused and didn’t know how this was laid out though

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It called you out! Lol


Feel free to make a pets thread! The Disqordia category is for everything that doesn’t fit elsewhere

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I really like it but i couldn’t use it much cos i am mobile only user
I am trying with FWA now, it works great so far, hope the forum doesn’t go down