Blessed Music o:)

curses ought to be met with a proportional number of blessings. what’s one of your favorite songs ever? i’ll start

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I almost saw him live in Seattle this past July but the stars just didn’t align with my friends I wanted to take with me

Have you heard the new single that dropped today?

I’ll continue with an actual post

I saw this band - The Midnight - live last November tho 10/10

Jupiter Winter opened for them and their music slapped, didn’t know about them before the concert so I had to buy up their merch at the end of the night before they closed the venue lol

I have not! I’ll give it a listen later :slight_smile:

Random selection:

Modfile remixes:
DRUID II: ENLIGHTENMENT / FAIRLIGHT CRACK INTRO (1987) 🧙 - C64 REMIX [LukHash] - YouTube (LukHash - Druid II: Enlightenment)
SUPREMACY / OVERLORD (1990) 💀 - C64 REMIX [LukHash] - YouTube (LukHash - Supremacy)

Jogeir Liljedahl - “Physical Presence” (Amiga MOD) [Oscilloscope View] - YouTube (Jogeir Liljedahl - Physical Presence)
Cream of the earth by Romeo Knight - YouTube (Romeo Knight - Cream of the Earth)

Demos/scene releases:
Offscreen Colonies - Conspiracy | 64k | Revision 2015 | 60fps - YouTube (Conspiracy - Offscreen Colonies - 64k demo)
12. Rapture - Cassiopeia - YouTube (Rapture - Cassiopeia)
047 - General Error - YouTube (047 - General Error)
047 - A1 Syndrome - YouTube (047 - A1 Syndrome) (Aikapallo - Meadows of Oblivion)’Man%20-%20We%20are%20the%20bass%20(TG11%20compo%20edit).mp3 (Miu ft Zaiah’Man - We are the Bass)

POWERWOLF - Demons Are A Girl's Best Friend (Official Video) | Napalm Records - YouTube (Powerwolf - Demons are a Girl’s Best Friends)
[Symphonic Power Metal] Pathfinder - The Lord Of Wolves [Symphonic Power Metal] - YouTube (Pathfinder - Lord of wolves)
Last Drop Falls - YouTube (Sonata Arctica - Last Drop Falls)
Luca Turilli's Rhapsody - March Of Time (sub) - YouTube (Luca Turilli - March of Time)

This was my most listened to song of 2021 and I really like it, plus of my fave bands too

Hard to pick favorite songs as it depends on my mood but this is defintiely up there. Sludgy driving riffs, and great vocals from Staley and Cantrell with some great harmonies

Gotta drop one of the concerts of all time, if just for the sheer amount of effort put into the stage setup.