what is disqordia, what is the history of disqordia, how old is disqordia, what makes disqordia special, how did the members come to be on disqordia, and should i or why should i be a participant of disqordia?

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First rule of disqordia is… you don’t talk about disqordia…

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it is a web site, its history is fraught with conflict and tragedy, it is one years old, it’s special because of all the wonderful users on it :heartcbyre:, we all came from different paths and converged here, and whether you want to join is a question you must answer yourself

I made Disqordia last year, I thought it’d be a cute name cause I go by eris and Eris is associated with Discordia

I made it cause I was dealing with a lot of leftist Mastodon drama and tried pleroma for a bit on Nyxs instance and decided it seemed cool for a single user instance

Then someone asked to join, I cautiously said yes, and now I’m surrounded by all these trannies a year and a half later


Also you’re already a participant since you’re here, welcome~