Eris sekmet meta - thoughts?

I don’t think we can continue much longer without addressing the elephant in the room, Eris’ recent behaviour around the Sekmet meta - there’s still some important questions which remain unanswered, and I think that from the details which are clear, it’s very obvious that her behaviour is utterly unacceptable. The question isn’t whether Eris is cancelled, it’s how much she’s cancelled by, and whether this will be the final straw for Disqordia users, after so many last straws.

anyway, I made all this shit up, stan lukhash DRUID II: ENLIGHTENMENT / FAIRLIGHT CRACK INTRO (1987) 🧙 - C64 REMIX [LukHash] - YouTube

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Me not knowing who sekmet is :bobpeek:

typical TYPICAL eris response here, writing a fediblock post brb