Final Fantasy 14

It’s so good, theres 14 of them!

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okay, somewhat still in the swing of current level 90 stuff, anyone on here interested in content like Extreme trials and Savage raids? I have lvl 90 chars on both North America and Europe, so with datacenter travel within same region i have both of those covered

More than happy to play with ppl who aren’t at endgame content too, especially if help is needed with stuff

I’ve been thinking about getting back into it, I never even got past realm reborn but I could afford the time again…

If only you stayed on the trial lol couldve kept it free for a while still

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I’ve been craving mmo lately too, did you guys ever get that house? I still have so much money left from begging/scamming horny people

Nope, never managed to get one. I thought some guy just gave you it, first I heard about the horny scam lol

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He gave it to me because I woman momented him

No :akasad: I tried but the process even with the lottery system really sucks. You can only enter once and it takes a week to find out if you got it before you can try again and you’re competing with a bunch of people.

I plan to maybe come back when 6.25 drops later this month in September for the new dungeon types though


yeah personal housing is kinda fucked, fc housing might be more manageable though