Final Fantasy XI

Started playing Final Fantasy XI again! Who wants to talk about it?


Here’s my character on the Eden private server!!! Level 75 cap but I’m only 3 so far on Thief

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Mithra!!! theyre so much better than miqote

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I love both in their own ways, but I have a certain nostalgia for Mithra :3

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I just really dig the aesthetic of them not being basically fancy humans lol.

How’s Eden?

My dumbass taking a whole 2 months to respond LMAO but Eden is great, just gotta watch out because some of the linkshells on there are full of fashies (as with any gaming space) but otherwise it’s very fun and there are plenty of cool people on there

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I’m surprised FFXI of all things would have fascists

It sucks tbh, they were out and out Neonazis. But it was just one linkshell, hopefully I’ll find a good one

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How’s FFXI going?

Unfortunately I haven’t played since finding out about that fc being nazis lol, hopefully I’ll get back to it soon and do some fun content :3

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I’m still tempted to play but ugh too many MMOs.

We can play FFXIV together tho

having fun with HorizonXI, works great on steam deck (after no small amount of fiddling but nevertheless), and very busy and active. the whole server just started on like, december 20 and a ton of people are playing it, so its fun to relive like, the early vanilla experience. it’s an “era+” server that has ambitions to imagine ffxi without ever going past the 75 cap, and starting with chains of promathia which they just got fully working, with plans for ToAU soon

I’m Coccidia or Fiv on that, if you want to try to look me up

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