Final Fantasy XIV

I’m shocked I haven’t posted an FFXIV thread.

If you play, I am on the Aether data center and the Faerie server.

Share your characters, what you’re up to in-game, what server you’re at if you wanna play with others here :slight_smile:

Here’s some of my character!

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Im Rowan Guevara on Coeurl on the Crystal data center!!


oh hey I’m on coeurl, I’m Viola Discordia

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I need to do a data center visit to yall :grin:


I would love to do the same! I have a cute little house in the Goblet right now and I’m trying to move to Shirogane (I want a house by the secret beach there)

I am playing this again, in time for the 6.3 patch on Tuesday!

I’m on Faerie and working on getting my Red Mage to 90

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I played this game since august 2022, with some break times in between. And it has been quite the ride, I thought maybe I should share some of that here.
On one hand it’s been… something to go through the MSQ up till now. Now I’m at Stormblood. I didn’t really like the pace of A Realm Reborn but at the end I got to like the story, the best of it got in the patch content and the Raids (both normal and alliance). I’m actually still a bit mentally stuck in ARR even though I am past that point and its story got wrapped up with The Coils of Bahamut… I liked the pace of Heavensward a lot more, it was quite enjoyable to go through it, loved the atmosphere and theme. Will have to see what the next patches bring me; but I hear people being so impressed by Endwalker…
On the other hand!! the social part, yes that. I’ve been to clubs, I’ve hung out in Limsa, I’ve talked with people there, made friends (that half of the times I actually didn’t come back to after the night I met them…) and it’s been lots of fun, it’s weird I am scared to approach those fancy dressed characters, like being scared of approaching popular people IRL, but each time I talked with them actually they were being nice to me and making me feel like a dummi for being scared of them.
Anyway what it took for me to break the ice in being comfortable doing social things in the game, chat around and things, was have an active FC and not refuse them when they were going to their clubbing night… oh and alcohol, it took a little bit of alcohol too.

Here look at my character eating a cookie

tbh worth the sub lmao

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