Grunge Music

Hello, grunge music good, I’ve attached an iceberg meme that kinda lists grunge bands in terms of obscurity for you to try out and listen to. Alice in Chains are probably my favorite band of all time so I highly recommend them

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omg nirvana

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I have a strong interests on Alice In Chains since forever. Specially after listening to a song from Blue Gives Way to Black (that’s the name right?) Which the riff was very sick. I find them quite similar to Deftones somehow imo (the guitarist collabored with Deftones in The Phantom Bride iirc) , but idk where should i began listening to them

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Also, didin’t know Smashing Pumpkins were considered grunge. They are one of my fav bands.

Not all of their stuff, but some of their early stuff especially can fall into that

Listen to the Layne Staley stuff especially

Dirt is considered to be their best album
Listen to “Alice in Chains” (the three legged dog album) if you want later darker stuff, and listen to Facelift if you want faster paced more metal style

The only album that i feel that fots grunge is Gish

Siamese Dream is already kinda dreamy pop

Checks out tbh, Gish is one of my favorite albums by them

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Which album is Them Bones from? Imma start with that one in the future

Smashing Pumpkins is a band that i feel a little guilty saying it’s my fave

I love Siamese Dream, Pisces Iscariot and Mellon Collie, but besides these albums i just like some loose songs like Everlasting Gaze and My Love Is Winter

I also dislike Adore a lot

That’s from Dirt

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There’s some songs and albums I really like from them but other stuff I just really can’t get into no matter how hard I try

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Most of their stuff is mid tbh