Guild Wars 2

someone play with me? :pleading_face:

What’s it like

It’s like an MMO but with no subscription fee, and it’s more action combat instead of five million buttons lol

I just find it fits a lot better in my busy life tbh since I don’t have to ask if it’s worth the sub

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I used to play the first one like a billion years ago it was fun

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This one’s definitely much bigger scale than the first one for sure but I played that one too!

hm, maybe its something for me
i don’t really like having to deal with keyboard-worth of binds in a game like this
though i guess pso2 is kinda like this and idk i just dropped it lmao

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yeah for GW2 you just have 1-8 and then a couple function keys

i end up just using 1-4 and then clicking everything else and its fine

What’s your ign I’ll add ya as a friendo

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I’ve been thinking about going back to GW2. Heard it runs great on Linux too

I stopped playing after the start of the icebrood saga. On my main I had full map completion up to that point too

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ill check when im done with work :slight_smile:

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dang icebrood saga was like close to launch right?

Ackshually it was after Path of Fire

I did pre order at launch tho I played for years but dont have too much to show for it (no legendaries)

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MMOs are always fun in theory but I literally have never gotten the opportunity to play an MMO with friends. also lost ark sucked

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Guild Wars 2 has a pretty good story and effort put into the presentation. It kept me going after my friends quit I was genuinely invested in the plot. I will say it doesnt get good until Living World Season 2 though (the first story content following the first expansion)


Yeah you gotta be willing to talk to people and make new ones haha

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Yeah and End of Dragons looks great tbh. I hear Heart of Thorns was good too

I must admit I’m intrigued by this game I’ve been feeling mmo lately

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Its worth it for the mounts. No other MMO makes traveling around more fun

i wanna play something like this but my computer is garbageee :c

its a 10 year old game!

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