So the dot hack series of games was a simulation of mmorpgs, which when you’re a kid with dial up it was more than good enough. Plus no one called you slurs in The World.

Skip forward nearly 2 decades :akkommpf: Lets just say you find yourself looking for the long lost experience of struggling to get the 480p signal to stop scrambling while anons are calling you slurs. Well girl, luckily there’s emulators (legal) and an active private server!

I came across this the other day and thought it might be worth the headache, if nothing else its kinda neat. I’m curious, anyone else know of other games with independantly supported out of date games?


the only one i played was on PS2 but i forget which one it was. looking it up i think it was .hack//infection

but it was super fun! whats the mmo like?

It looks like theres a mod so you can use keyboard and maybe mouse along with a translation. From what I can tell it seems like a stripped down but more open version of the same as the infection line.

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