Hot takes

Discourse is actually pretty good from a user experience pov now. Not, like, XenForo good, but clearly getting there~ ^^;

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ye xenforo feels nice, definitely has like a more traditional feel to it

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Considering Xenforo’s cost and being closed source I definitely am pro-discourse now haha

just takes a little getting used to.

but there’s lots of plugins for Discourse that I need to explore and set up so the experience can potentially change, maybe to make up for whatever Xenforo had that you liked

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I was on the fence with Discourse tbh but from using it I’m really digging it


Honestly just do whatever feels right for you. The last time I seriously tried using a forum based on discourse was 2015, and it was singularly awful then.

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Yeahhh I tried out and some of the other fedi Discourse sites and really was like “damn these sites fucking suck”

but it turned out a big part of that was the plugins they set up and their themes and probably never updating Discourse. And no one ever bothered to set up custom emojis or anything.

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my biggest hot take is that we should bully javascript developers and c developers


The Unix philosophy is overrated. Plaintext is an awful way for programs to communicate with each other.

The basic idea of compositional primitives working over a blessed data interchange format is a sound one, but on disk files and plaintext streams are hardly the only way you could organize such a system, and it’s a genuine shame that people drinking suckless kool-aid seem to think that it is. As someone of some importance once said offhand, Unix set back OS research by 10 years and Linux set it back by 20.

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this is the first forum I’ve been on in years that I actually want to use. Discourse used to be very featureless and every other piece of software was/is an outdated piece of shit made in PHP in 2009. It sucks too as it pushed everyone over to discord which honestly, the pace of live chatting makes it hard to have a community that can talk in detail about subjects over a long period of time. It’s really only good for short term conversations. We’ll see how it goes long term but I’m excited.


yea i agree here!

i love compositionality over one type of thing; this is something APL/K/J/BQN do really well, and i’d love to see similar design language in an operating system

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Obligatory nodeBB recommendation

Haven’t hosted a NodeBB site since 2015 but it was good then and is prob good now

Compositionality is definitely a good idea and I think this is something that can be figured out at the OS level but text is not the way to go. I’m wondering how you think APL / J and other array based languages implement it could be applied to an OS. (I don’t know anything about array based languages.)

I’ve become doomerpilled on UNIX and progesterone

ok but phpbb yoo

There’s a site I go to which has a phpBB installation they haven’t updated since like 2005, and it’s one of the few constants I can ever count on in terms of the websites I visit.

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I will say this is the first discourse site I’ve ever posted on and I’m surprised it feels this nice

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phpbb by przemo

I definitely really like the classic forum style that old ip.board/xenforo forums had… I guess it’ll take a while to get used to the more modern social media-esque ui that discourse uses X3

I used to host a small forum using mybb (back near the end of its 1.6 cycle) and I remember liking it, but the project doesn’t seem very active anymore…

Honestly most of the difference for me is in how pagination works, and it’s an easy enough thing to get used to after a bit imo.

Discourse looks great on my phone and at this point I’m afraid to look at it on desktop

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