insulin under anarchism

how do we feel about this program

Medicine will not exist

Doctors are often anarchists and run shit like free or underground clinics. The biggest issue is that suppliers and insurance companies both use the government to get away with preventing affordable medicine to line their own pockets.

I would not agree that medicine should be made in bath tubs lol


i agree i think if you feel slightly ill you should be shot in the head


cough cough :bobpeek:

making meds is a really important issue, and there are some anarchists trying to make them on a small scale but they haven’t been tested and I heard there are safety issues with using simpler methods, like the molecule has to be the right chirality to be safe and you can make the chemical but it comes out a random mixture of left- and right-handed molecules and can kill you that way
I feel like it could be done if information was freely available and it wasn’t illegal though, just might require more fancy equipment and cooperation than just people who need it making it for themselves
it would be help if education wasn’t financially gatekept, I wish anyone could get a free education and have access to community science labs
there is also herbal medicine which is very easy to make and use and works very well with anarchism, but it can’t replace everything, a lot of drugs are extremely necessary for life, such as insulin and HRT and many other things