Yoo, do anyone have good reccomendations to some SNES and GBA jrpg games?? I really want to play some

Note: i already played all Final Fantasys and Chrono Trigger

I really enjoyed Mari & Luigi Superstar Saga. The gba one was real fun. The sequels on the other platforms became a bit too gimmicky for me.


I never even heard of that one

I’ve been playing through Earthbound with my bf and it’s been so fun!!!


:cherry_blossom: oh a thread for me!!! I recemmend off the top of my head

Secret of Mana / Seiken Densetsu 2
Seiken Densetsu 3
Bahamut Lagoon (this an a very excellent tactics RPG by Square there was no english release but there is an english translation by a trans person killed by kiwifarms so I always recommend)
Super Mario RPG is quite a good Square game too
Breath of Fire I and especially II
Dragon Quest IV-VI also

on the GBA there’s…
Golden Sun
Mother 3
more I probably forget right now

very good era of this genre, a golden age these two console generations

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