One thing you finally learned and wished you had sooner

I feel like this happens to me all the time…

Lately it’s databases. I only ever messed with them as like “How the hell do I make this SQL query return what I want?” but this YouTube vid on database design made me realize how much insight into what goes on “under the covers” I was missing. I’m just now getting around to learning DB design, albeit slowly but I am enjoying it and wish I had just gotten around to this years ago lol.

Anyone else?


how embarrassing, i made a post about general life advice.

I had a Commodore 64 growing up. I wanted to learn to make games on it, but you needed to know assembler. I lived in a rural area and had no mentors and access to no books. Finally, after over 30 years I started teaching myself Commodore 64 assembler, and it has been such a rewarding experience.


Definitely data modeling. One key skill I think is useful is thinking about the best way of storing, accessing, and indexing data. Normalizing data for SQL databases or knowing when to use something else like a document store is a very powerful tool. I’m still working on this myself but learning about db internals have certainly helped with this!


Actually learning Lua properly probably.
It’s actually a nice language, I was just really relunctant to do anything with it due to the syntax being weird.


Lua is such a cute little language. Minus the couple of weird syntactic quirks, I genuinely think it’s a better, simpler Python.

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… learning about db internals have certainly helped with this!

Hashtag goals, that’s I think where I’m at in my journey into the world of database. I’m not even thinkin about NoSQL stuff or the in-memory DBs yet heh…

Actually learning Lua properly probably.

Lua would open doors for you making games for sure (if you’re into that sorta thing):

I thought this console was the coolest thing but they’re hard to come by last time I checked (super long waiting list). Might be better now, not sure

Well I mean, I am planning to use Lua for games… but like as an extension language for the engine I’m making (really it’s just fucking around with abusing OpenGL with no real goal).


Mostly that you don’t actually have to know how to read code to write code and that trying to look at written code to learn like you would with a foreign language, isn’t that indicative of how much you know

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