gardening, herbs, houseplants, all things plant

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wow are those your plants?

I do not currently have any houseplants, and don’t know if my kitten would be a plant muncher or if it would be a good idea
but I found a lot of useful plants I can make things out of growing as weeds outside and am going to have a garden

Yes these are my plants in my room

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they are very nice, good job keeping them alive

holy shit all the plants here are based. i love plants but also they kill me :(((

(allergies suck)

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I found this plant growing outside that I really want to identify, the flowers look like goldenrod but white (except they haven’t fully opened up yet so they might be different, but the arrangement is like goldenrod) and the leaves are smaller than goldenrod but same general shape, but the plant is strongly aromatic, smells really good, I really want to know what it is
there is such a thing as white goldenrod or silverrod but I don’t know if it is that
I wish I had a really good plant identification book for my local area