Spiffy/Pinkpill situation

The DIY hormone operation I was helping distribute for shut down last month and is in serious legal trouble. I can’t be too specific but some fundraising is necessary.

This is a monero address donations can be sent to: 8Aod4unBDsQSbTkKJh2qBPgCnvkZt7dSyciw1pT4inG2Up5kShJiX5zPgyXK3xwZhy2ibRvgjZcbAAN7A1jfsYNsEXdy6pc

Later there will be gofundme and such. This address can be shared publicly as long as it is kept vague who it is for. The gofundme will be more public-friendly.


lmk when the gofundme is up, i won’t be able to help until then

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