Splatoon 3

is any1 here excited for the goty 2022??? let’s share friend codes dm me <3 maybe we can also make this a clip sharing/discussion channel…

if i had any money :peepeehands:

omg i can see you typing

yh tbh i still havent figured out how im gonna pay fir it but i will prioritise cause my sibling and i love playing it together i wish nintendo games werent so expense…

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omg me too

splatoon run is legit too much fun…

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The World Premiere was so cool imo. The vibe of the new hub is epic, and it is cool they focused more on the gameplay itself than stuff like adding weapon classes and such (they added 2 and will probably add more as updates goes, but i think they focused more on the gameplay than adding weapons which is cool). The game feels MUCH more dynamic, everything was faster and it was sometimes hard to “donimate” the opponent in a turf war like it could happen in Splatoon 2.

Once the premiere was done and Splatoon 2 kind of felt slow for the same kind of game compared to what i played just before. So excited for it to come out and hopefully I’ll be able to afford it because games are expensive.

I sincerly thought it would be kind of like Splatoon 2 but I was definitely wrong


btw here’s a clip where i am camping at the enemy’s spawn like a complete asshole

omg yess!!! team paper ftw!!!


ikr?? i really feel like they polished everything a ton i can’t wait for the next salmon run and to see how that feels in comparison to splatoon 2. i found the tricolor turf war super fun but apparently it was horribly balanced for the defending team lmao. number 1 wish was dedicated servers for me but looks like that’s probably never going to happen (hopes weren’t that high) but thank god they fixed the social features it was always such a pain to join friends and open rooms etc


sad that i missed the free demo but really fucking tempting to go and buy it


we ended 2nd in the european splatfest!

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honestly about the tricolor match i have to agree. But true it was so much fun!! Epic how i felt when i manage to successfully pick up the rocket thingy twice B)

Also it is kind of a small detail but I did liked the medals thing! Most of the time I was #1 in fighting and killing enemies haha


yh i liked the medals but i also hated them cause then i could be like ‘SEE it WASN’T my fault that we lost’

i’m bumping this thread with my friend code as it’s release nite!!!


ping me on matrix xmpp or fedi (in bio) if you’re also playing 2nite and wanna group up :crythumbsup: