the sandbox game Terraria

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One of my favorite games ever! I haven’t played it in a while tho.

Terraria is the best game ever. really its a nice pizza of video games! You cant take someone serious if they dont think its good.

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I have been playing it a lot this past week now that I have gotten mods to work again finally (thanks to a 13 year old’s advice of deleting all the files, removing tmodloader from steam library, and reinstalling)
I have never gotten very far in the game before, I have gotten into hardmode but never defeated a hardmode boss
I hope this time I can progress further

i should pirate terraria again…

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i remember getting into an argument with a 20-year-old on a terraria forum as a 12-year-old with a vocaloid pfp because i didn’t know steam was the only legal way to download it and let it slip that i’d pirated it while asking for help about a mod that wasn’t working. anyway piracy rules and that guy was a narc

damn, fuck that guy
I’ve never pirated a game (except a minecraft launcher but it’s too buggy to use much) but it’s great that you could

btw terraria is hiring lol


I got really frustrated playing Terraria, have never defeated a hardmode boss with my usual tactics and want to change that but it is really hard for me to let other people explain things, I seem to have difficulty processing instructions and I just got overwhelmed with how much game content there is, especially with Calamity and other mods