Thoughts on "conforming to fedi culture"?

There’s been a lot of discourse around the mass wave of Twitter refugees where basically fedi folks get mad that they aren’t conforming to fedi culture and adopting all standards in fedi.

Those standards being things like, heavy use of CWs for all CW-able content, mandatory image descriptions, no reclaimed slurs, defederating from those-who-federate-with-those-who-federate-with-a-bad-instance instead of just defederating bad instances you want and leaving it at that.

I think for my personal opinion it’s kinda shit. These standards weren’t agreed to before the wave of refugees. We’ve always argued about CWs and passive aggressive fedi culture being pretty ableist in its demands for all individuals to CW everything and add image descriptions for everything, and allowing harassment of users who can’t do this.

I think it’s great to be like “Hey here’s these accessibility tools and reasons why it’d be nice if you used them” but instead fedi is like, getting mad and starting excessive drama around it which is completely unnecessary.


I have never made any effort to conform to any of these standards and disqordia is honestly great cuz i don’t feel like anyone’s really made anything of it unless there’s secret beef with me that i don’t know about lol

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but yeah obviously i don’t conform or make much effort to conform cuz i think the standards are kinda silly and overly restrictive and also the CWing thing is great if you know that someone who follows you or is on your instance and will see it who’s sensitive to something? but also it encourages a lot of anxious self-monitoring that ultimately amounts to not very much value to be CWing for every person who could possibly maybe see your post on the federated tl

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one unequivocal worsening i’ve seen since this all started was the massive uptick in monologuing wokescold preach-threads

i know we all do them every so often

but damn it’s like some of these people’s first and only language in a way i haven’t really seen ever since i blocked esvrld and