I’m starting a thread for updates to my website as I will be releasing a lot of content in the coming months. Potentially it can also be a space for discussion since there are no longer daily fedi posts for #Aetherglow.


#Aetherglow is an interactive story I used to run on old disqordia before the serverpocalypse. We were luckily able to recover all the posts from other instances caches, and I’ve been revising the archive and reuploading one chapter a week to our new site. When we catch up, we’ll start running daily polls again and resume the story.

Ætherglow is a YA cyberpunk story about Aydan, a nonbinary femboy from the Moon, as they undergo technopath training and augmentation at Translunar Academy. The central themes of it are about AI and its relationship to humanity, the ways we react to it in fear or in reverence or exploit it for our own gain. The story is decided by the readers via polls, I merely put your decisions into action.


With the launch of the site I am publishing for free my new novella, Contact Binary. With both Ætherglow and our upcoming novel Sappho of Luna being YA stories set in this universe, I wanted to explore an adult technopath story too. It is a lesbian story, it is a deep space story, it is an Appalachian story.

I’m releasing one chapter each week.


I’m also publishing a series of short stories set in the Ætherverse, the first of which is Early Intervention, an Autistic story about the ethics of conditioning and altering people without their consent.

Other stories will be released periodically over the next few months.


thank you , this should actually help especially since your RSS feed isn’t functional right now but i do get emailed when someone posts on this forum

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New releases at

Ætherglow Chapter 3
Contact Binary Chapter 3

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Weekly uploads at!

Ætherglow Chapter 4
Contact Binary Chapter 4 may be down for a prolonged period of time due to an issue with the server.

Back up as of yesterday.

Hi y’all weekly uploads are up at

Ætherglow Chapter 5
Contact Binary Chapter 5

Hello deserted forum I have posted my weekly updates on We’re now fully caught up on the Ætherglow archive and will resume the interactive story next week.


I haven’t been posting updates here since the forum was dead but I do continue to update Ætherglow on the site most days. I post links on my fedi accounts and the Ætherverse discord server.

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