what happened to beauty?

it feels like any time anybody tries to exalt beauty as a worthy value, it’s always some weirdo tradcath or an actual fascist. is there something about a politics of beauty that is essentially rightist or is it just a failure of the left to not only not address beauty but to actively reject it as immoral?

truths are always ugly, poets are always bourgeois, anti-cartesianism is only ever wielded in favor of catholic traditionalism…

why can’t proletarian truths be beautiful

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Rejecting art as bourgeois was a terrible mistake of the left.


yeah i saw this thing where a conservative woman talked about how “the queer community” was destroying beauty and meant like girls with dyed hair and tattoos and piercings who weren’t all thin and stuff
but i find stuff like that very attractive, it’s okay that she doesn’t but it’s not okay that she thinks beauty has an objective definition
and she thought people who dye their hair pink were doing it because they couldn’t conform to rigid ideas of traditional beauty standards and so just gave up on beauty
i guarantee i have never dyed my hair with the mindset “well i can’t be pretty, time to go full goblin”

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I feel like beauty, as in aesthetic beauty, is probably too subjective to be relevant politically but I’m not sure. i dont really read philosophy about aesthetics but ideally people should be able to pursue what they find individually beautiful without one standard being held above as better (what alienskyler brought up abt beauty standards, PJW comparing modern/postmodern whatever art to what he prefers)

socialist realism art is beautiful imo, half if i showed to a random person would definitely be immediately labelled as propaganda art but the other half just portrayed workers working or something, like daily life, this and social(no ist) realism might be the proteletarian truth thing youre looking for

solarpunk is more recent but i kinda like how people use it to portray nature as beautiful


i don’t think there is anything wrong with valuing beauty in whatever is beautiful to you, i think it’s good and don’t like people who try to act like it’s wasteful or pointless or bourgeoisie decadence or whatever, i don’t know
but i noticed recently finding myself kind of triggered by more traditional aesthetics because i associate them with fascism
and it’s probably wrong of me to do that to things that aren’t inherently fascist or bad, i think i am traumatized from being in a religious community where that kind of thing was promoted and i internalized it and then realized how fascist everyone was, it’s still no excuse though


hmm… i definitely think that the beautiful is political, especially since subjectivity is also political. the foundation of the modern subject, Descarte’s ‘I think therefore I am,’ for example, is criticized by some decolonial theorists as only being possible in a relationship of conquest and domination.

i also don’t know anything about aesthetic philosophy but i’m taking a class on it next quarter so maybe that’ll help lol.

anyway socialist realism art is so beautiful, and so is propaganda if it’s done right. idk if/how beauty and truth are related though

i think what i’m thinking about is that like, fascists have this vast body of work on why ‘traditional’ beauty is valid and anything else is obviously ugly (and thus anti-beauty) but we have no recourse to that besides to say that beauty is subjective/individual, but we still can’t say anything else about it except that this individual experience of beauty must somehow be related to past concepts of beauty. honestly trying to come up with a single leftist definition of beauty i think would kind of be missing the point, but i feel lost to really say anything about it except in reference to Eurocentric and phallologocentric concepts?

also no your reaction to traditional aesthetics and associating them with fascism makes some sense. fascists have put a lot of effort into rewriting history to be in support of fascism, it’s part of what umberto eco means by ‘cult of tradition’ in Ur-Fascism. traditional liberal thought doesn’t really have any way of countering this, because liberalism is, though/if not fascist itself, at least very friendly to fascism. i don’t think there’s a right answer whether or not we should reject the traditional, though i personally think it’s admirable to try and understand things beyond your immediate reaction

yeah, and there have been aesthetic-centered Instagram accounts and the like actively recruiting people to fascism, and a lot of it looks innocent on the surface and you have to scroll down a lot or follow the account for months before you see anything blatantly racist, it’s a lot of cottagecore “traditional family values” stuff and eventually you notice everyone is white
i’m afraid of being reactionary about stuff just because i’m freaked out over having been in a community where a bunch of this stuff was around
but i like doing stuff like deliberately making things in such a way that they can’t be construed as “pure” and making things out of trash as a way of questioning why we view things that way