Why I won't have sex with Alex Gleason from the Fediverse

As many of you may know, the creator of the Soapbox website is a vegan named Alex Gleason. Recently, I’ve been considering having sex with Alex Gleason. “Glussy”, or rather referred to as Gleason Bussy, is what I have craved all my life. Even just the thought of Alex gleason’s glussy (gluten free no preservatives) makes me hard as hell man.

I can’t think of anything that doesn’t make me think of Alex Gleason Fediverse. I want to insert Soap in is anus as sex play and watch it slide out and make a nice blrrp sound as it comes out. That’s the power of Glussy at it’s full potentional. Just the right amount will lead into a dopamine hit even bigger than Cocaine which results in a traumatic efficiency that can actually lead to death if you don’t take the amount that is recommended by Neuroanatomists

The problem though, he was I may obtain if I had sex with him. If I put my weinus in his Glussy, there are likely chances that I will get GLAIDS (gleason aids). All I will think about are trannies and I will constantly beat my wife and drag dead dogs across empty summery fields. GLAIDS is a rare disease caused by GPXV which is when his Glussy squirts out Gleen on your cock and your cock sucks it up. This can result in GLAIDS over a 12 month period over time where you become an melodramatic faggot who writes JavaScript all day and simps for gay women on a federated Network.

Thank you and please share any thoughts regarding my topic.


This is the greatest piece of prose I will ever read.

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u-uuuwaaaa~ OmO i-i let my boifwendu do a cummy cum in my glucccwie~!!! and he didn’t wear a gleasdom O////O a-a-am i gonna get pregglears now?? 3: i is too young to be a gleamother! >///< c-c-can i getsies a gleabortion? uwu c-can i pay my gleasologist with my glucccwie-wucie? O////< p-perhaps i could offer him my tasty gleenmilk uwu. o-or m-maybe i’ll ask if he will accept a pint of my sticky gleasyrup instead UwU


Bugs Bunny, “I’m tellin ya doc, gleason bussy is different”
Daffy, “puthy is puthy, just watch me!”
he walks off screen
comes into frame with beak backwards


Informative! I may choose not to as well but I’m unsure


Omg glussy and glaids fucking obliterated me

My brain can no longer process the English language after reading this.

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going to kms