Would anyone be interested in a possible budget / pay what you want hosting service? I'm colocating a pretty decent server soon and would like to make use of it's resources

I’m about to get a pretty well specked out HP ProLiant DL360p G8 server soon and I’m currently hunting for a local data center to colo it at. I’m a Data Center Technician myself so I’m quite excited for this, however I will have way too many resources available just for my use, hell even compared to the current server I rent from OVH.

The specs are as follows:

  • 2x Intel Xeon 2.60Ghz E5-2670 8c/16t CPUs
  • 24x 4GB PC3-10600R RAM / 96GB Total
  • 2x 460W Platinum Power Supplies
  • P420 RAID Controller
  • 4x 1Gbps Ethernet Ports

It doesn’t come with any storage but I’m likely going to pick up 4 600GB 10K SAS Dell enterprise server drives in RAID5, maybe 8. Would be $240 for 8 of them used. Depending on the data center I find the link will at minimum be 100mbps symmetrical, I’d like at least 250mbps symmetrical like I have though. Trying to keep it local to Omaha, NE but it depends. My budget for this is about $200 - $250. While I can afford this I think it would be nice to have a small invite-only hosting service to cover some of the costs with this and even a free plan fedi people that are cool and might not be able to afford hosting.

So, would anyone be interested in this if I did it? I’m going to colo this anyway and having local access means I can fix it anytime there’s an issue. I’d like to hear people’s thoughts on this.



I found an option for $100/mo but it’s in Lincoln, 50 minutes away. Not too bad though.

5 ips included, 10tb data transfer cap (doubt I’d go over even with hosting others), no other fees or installation fees, gotta see how much other IPs cost though as I would like more.

Don’t wait on me but I might be interested

I’m going to be looking into hosting either mumble or nu-teamspeak soon. I have a crappy office PC with a server distro on it that I used previously but I may not want to use it again. Not sure

I’ll keep you in mind then. Any specific specs you’d need?

Depends on which software I go with. Mumble for instance has very light requirements and I would be using icecast

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i might potentially be interested? i’m working on a mostly static website atm and am potentially interested in hosting my own fedi instance (probably with pleroma? but also extremely tentative). i’m not very knowledgeable about hosting requirements though, trying to learn more lol

yes I am looking for hosting options that aren’t some server owned by some corporation that could disqordia dot space me anytime, I’d be interested

Hey all, wanted to give an update.

I’m deciding between two data centers at the moment. Price is what it comes down to, really. If this one who I haven’t gotten the exact price back from is more than the $75/mo ($105/mo including the switch connect fee) then I’m going to stick with the one I’ve been talking to.

In terms of internet I found an ISP local to Nebraska that offers internet service in both of these data centers. I was given a quote at $190/mo for a 100mbps/symmetric link with no bandwidth caps or throttling. $5/per IP address which I’ll be getting 7 extra to start out with.

I believe 100mbps will be enough. I’m really not wanting to spend a ton of money on gigabit and this service is a lot cheaper than the in house internet both DCs provide. The downside is there won’t be redundancy in the event of a network outage.


Another update: Got a quote from the other DC! Their in house internet that runs on multiple ISPs is expensive but since I’m an individual they gave me a heavy discount! Minimum 3u of space but this actually cheaper than the other DC. I’ll likely be moving forward with them.

If anyone has a 1u server they’d like to colo in the future please let me know too!

Happy this is happening

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