yuri <3

let’s talk about yuri :nanowow:

I’m reading An Easy Introduction to Love Triangles (To Pass the Exam!), it was recommended to me, it’s the first time I’ve ever seen polyamory in manga before and it’s actually a really good and complex exploration of it.

other things I like: my favorite artists are Takako Shimura and Akiko Morishima. my favorite series is probably Aoi Hana by Takako Shimura, it was so good and emotionally complicated and felt so realistic compared to most of the genre, it made me feel so many strong feelings.

and I can’t recommend enough to read Hourou Musuko, it’s the story of two trans kids that’s one of the best trans manga I’ve ever read.

what are your favorites and what are you currently enjoying?


Adachi and Shimamura is cool I think, too lazy to finish Bloom Into You (among other things)

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I’m surprised you had the patience for Adachi and Shimamura but not Bloom Into You. But I like them both a lot.

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